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A pink background and two figures, one seated, one standing, drawing in biro pen Blog posts

The children visit the Beech House Bakers at home, where they pair up to create unique origami Trophy Booklets, inspired and prompted by poet and part-time chanteur, Dean Parkin.

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Two rows of school children, each holding a colourful brochure in front of them. Behind them is a screen with the National Lottery Heritage Fund logo clearly visible Blog posts

This week, the poet Dean Parkin visited Beech House and, later, the school children at Edgar Sewter, to find out more about their special Extra Time skills and achievements and then weave them all into a poetic football team.

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Table top football games with players, spectators and white ball Blog posts

The Super Sewter Dudes visit residents at Beech House to finish their football games and play a match together

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Paper people coloured in orange and purple and various coloured felt tip pens Blog posts

Extra Time visits Beech House and Edgar Sewter primary school in Halesworth and the teams prepare the football pitches for their match next week.

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A woman in a blue cardigan, seated in front of a pale wall with ornaments on a narrow shelf, including a curling wooden sculpture Blog posts

The start of a brand new Extra Time season, this time with residents at Beech House Care Home and pupils from the Edgar Sewter Primary School teaming up to explore the stories and traditions behind their local footballing history, using source materials from Halesworth and District Museum.

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