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Hacksaws and toilet rolls

There’s nothing like some cardboard tubes and a couple of hacksaws to get the creative – and competitive – spirits soaring; the Beech House Bakers certainly rose to the task this morning with glee and merriment.

Drawing round rolls of tape, daubing glue on the end of toilet rolls, cutting out strips of card and holding them altogether as the glue dried – it was such a busy and constructive session and at least one resident spent a happy morning balancing the materials, building different shapes and inventing numerous different ways to use the tubes.

Barely had the gold spray paint dried than we were over at the Edgar Sewter for the afternoon session, where the children cut up copies of their artwork to decorate the trophies.

They didn’t finish the task – that was left for next week, our penultimate Extra Time session in Halesworth, when the children will work with the adults to complete an array of trophies, celebrating all that they have learned and created together over the past few weeks.

‘I just can't bring myself to rip up this paper, it's so beautiful.’
‘Ripping up the paper felt destructive, in a positive, empowering kind of a way.’
‘It was hard work, but very satisfying.’