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Witch pots, helmets and a handmade wedding dress

This week, the children visited the Beech House Bakers, to tell them about their trip to Halesworth and District Museum and some of the things they discovered there about their heritage.

A brief game of table-top football warmed everyone up and then we had another viewing of the Trophy Cabinet poem; the children didn’t see it last week, and were very impressed by all the different awards.

The residents were similarly impressed by the children’s work, and soon the room was buzzing with conversations that ranged from really uncomfortable helmets to hand-stitched wedding dresses and ammonites.

Dexter came up with a recipe for the Witch Pot, Pauline recalled tin baths and old coppers and several children talked about items in the display about the Patrick Stead Hospital; Ava said that the Hospital Cup medallion was her favourite because ‘it is very small – and a big achievement’.

‘Everlyn: "I found my cousin's last name - Ellis - in a display about World War II." Pauline: "The Ellises were bakers in Halesworth, it must be about 75 years ago. Their shop was up London Road and they made all sorts of bread, rolls and sponge cakes."  ’
‘I really liked the one that said Bacon because it's got snakes and owls on it. It also had the initial 'S' on it: I reckon it stands for Smoky.’
‘Museums are very useful. They’re important for future generations so that the past doesn’t get forgotten’