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With just one week of the ‘season’ left, the teams were eager to get on with the game of drawing, stitching and having a good chat.

Last week, Kate introduced the groups to illustration ‘bubbles’; this week, she got everyone drawing swirls, loops and squiggles and then searching for the images within.

Faces, flowers, dinosaurs and dogs – as well as ‘an embryo, like you see when your mum goes for a scan’ – soon emerged from the colourful lines, as everyone hunted for their ‘hidden pictures’.

Just because everyone’s busy, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have time to chat. One resident was soon explaining to a Pakefield Pitch Invader what it was like to grow up in Lowestoft during the war, including wearing gas masks to school, classrooms in cellars and watching the bombs drop on the Maltings at Oulton Broad.

Kate then revealed how the individual embroidery pictures will be exhibited. They will be stitched together on a green background and used to create the Extra Time football banner, with work by other players added over the coming seasons.

‘It's like therapy, it gets me using my mind, it makes me think, and it reminds me of all sorts of things I used to do.’
‘I feel so much more confident now than I did when I started.’
‘I'm on holiday this week, but I've driven back to take part because I didn't want to miss the session.’
‘I've learned that just because you're old it doesn't mean that you can't do things or have fun.’