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Sew Easy

Yesterday, the residents at Hildesley Court welcomed the children from Pakefield Primary into their home – and what a lovely creative and happy time we all had together.

After a few warm-up exercises and some pens-on-pitch excitement, Kate revealed what the teams will be working on over the next few sessions – transferring their beautiful Archive illustrations and words onto fabric.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a mixture of frayed threads, pricked fingers and pure frustration at how difficult it was to thread the needles – but how much they all enjoyed it.

Ina commented that it brought back lots of memories, Isabella confirmed that it was ‘frustrating’ but well worth the effort, and Shona thought it was all amazing.

Some of the group had never sewn before, whilst for others it was a reminder of when they made their own clothes, embroidered table cloths and made lace.

Everybody helped each other, there was lots of chat between the children and adults – and lots of photographs, thanks to Simon, of just what a lovely session it was.

‘I really enjoyed it, a lot more than I thought I would.’
‘I loved it. It took me back to when I was a dressmaker. I really enjoyed it.’
‘It's ages since I did this and such fun to do it again.’
‘This was so much fun, I really enjoyed the sewing. I have done some before, but it's lovely to do it with other people.’