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Old boots and brick works

When head coach Jen Johnson visited Britten Court this week, she took along the Extra Time Kit Bag, full of leather boots, games and football memorabilia.

The bag also included a very special Spot the Ball picture, featuring members of the ‘Board of Management’; residents had a great time, trying to guess where the ball was.

The items sparked lots of chat and memories, not least about how heavy the boots and footballs were, and led to one of the care staff finding out about ‘dubbin’, which he’d never heard of before.

In the afternoon, the children from Roman Hill visited Suffolk Archives in Lowestoft, to find out more about some of the Archive All-Stars characters.

The children were fascinated by the microfiche, press cuttings and old maps and made notes and drawings to illustrate their findings.

Amongst these was a description by one pupil of what existed on the site before Roman Hill Primary school was built, explaining in great detail all about a ‘Bricks Works’, and a beautifully drawn image of Terry Butcher, to take back to one of the residents.

‘I can remember wearing leather boots like these … I used dubbin to keep them maintained and polished them after every game. I had to walk over a mile to get to the playing field in these leather boots, my legs were tired before I even started to play.’
‘It’s been really interesting to look at the old objects, I have enjoyed it so much.’
‘I loved singing the old football songs, it makes me happy.’
‘I really liked looking at the old football pictures, I saw myself in them.’