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Quizzes, dances, and day dreams

Football quizzes and movement were the order of the day this week, as Jen led the session with the Britten Court Angels, introducing them to some elemental earth dancing.

After much fun and merriment – and half-time refreshments – she  took them on a guided meditation, in which they imagined themselves …

… sitting in the football stands, the match just finished.

The players have left the pitch and the last of the spectators are leaving the ground.

You watch them as they disappear from sight. Now, it is just you, sitting on the wooden bench, your mind alive with the excitement of the game.

You can still hear the hum of the crowd, the roars of excitement and the groans of discontent. That football hum, buzzing in your ears, slowly fades …

Next week, Jen will be back with the Extra Time Kit Bag, full of football ephemera, including some beautiful old leather boots, kindly loaned by Laxfield Museum.


‘That was lovely, I felt like I was at the football match with my brother, I could see his face and I could hear the crowd. I could really feel the cold wind on my face and see the pitch. I felt like I was somewhere else, in fact my head is still dreamy.’