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Brave Art Goes to the Beach

The Brave Art programme returned to Lowestoft this month with a focus on mental and physical wellbeing. The term runs for 10 weeks with a focus on creativity in nature to support mental and physical wellbeing. We have many exciting opportunities planned to explore Lowestoft seafront with our students working alongside professional artists.

We will share our creativity with the local community through our “random acts of kindness” project, creating positive wellbeing flags that will be displayed at the East Point Pavilion during the festive period, taking inspiration from the sea for poetry and creating from foraged beach finds.

Our first session was on Thursday 29th September 2022. We themed the day around self-positivity, creating self-portraits of “Our amazing Self”. Students took a walk along the accessible pier allowing our students in wheelchairs to access the beach to showcase their work. Our students loved the experience of being on the beach as a group of Brave Artists and their smiles and laughter made the whole day a positive and uplifting start to our term.

Erik said: “I took off my mask and breathed in the fresh air, it felt so good.”