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Every picture tells a story

‘These sessions are helping us learn more about each other – we may all live here, but we wouldn’t hear these stories if we weren’t in this room together now, doing this session together like this.’

So said one of the Hildesley residents, as the group busied themselves printing headlines with letter blocks, applying wax resist techniques to ‘reveal’ depths to old photographs and letters, and layering acetate sheets over images, to add new dimensions to the picture beneath.

Then, it was over to Pakefield Primary, where the children set to with the new artwork and copies of work they had previously produced, to create a series of Special Delivery collages.

The collages are truly beautiful, and capture the essence of Special Delivery, for they stitch together snippets of detail from a variety of records and documents, interpreted and retold by both the adults at Hildesley and the pupils at Pakefield, and in so doing create their own unique stories.