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Extra Time Anthems

Every good team deserves an anthem and, with linesman Dean in charge and the Archive All-Stars as inspiration, our Extra Time teams came up with some wonderful lyrics – and moves – this week.

First, the Britten Court Angels suggested lines reflecting their individual footballing prowess.

Thus there’s Mumbo Jumbo Spitfire ‘flying with grace’, Elfryn ‘the Menace, smashing it in the net’, not to mention Regal Rodders claiming ‘the ball is mine’.

And, as every good anthem deserves a chorus, the players created one that sounds positively triumphant.

Sing it, ring it,
Kick it off the line,
Grab it, smash it
…all in Extra Time.’

That afternoon, the children were keen to share their Archive worksheets with Dean, after which they used the Archive All-Star cards to inspire their football anthem.

Referencing moustaches, broken collar bones and very bad nosebleeds, the children produced some amazing lyrics, reflecting many of the details they discovered at the Archives last month.

They ended the session with practising the Britten Court chorus and adding some extra Extra Time moves.

Next week, they will visit the residents and, together, perform the Extra Time anthem; it’s going to sound brilliant.

‘I loved singing and doing the moves to the chorus; it meant I could jump around.’
‘I’ve enjoyed listening to the lyrics, they’ve been really funny.’
‘I liked writing the lyrics, I love writing.’
‘I really enjoyed writing more about Ethel Brown, I think she’s great!’