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Game On

Today was the first time the Super Sewter Dudes have visited the Beech House Bakers – and what a lovely afternoon we all had.

They got off to a flying start, using their Player’s Cards to chat about their team skills and achievements and then racing their pens across a huge green ‘pitch’, trying not to bump into one another.

There were spectators to colour in and stick to the ‘stands’ around the pitches, players to dress in their team colours and magnets to attached to the long ‘sticks’ – which are actually metal knitting needles.

There was barely time for the teams to eat the magnificent fruit platter provided by the staff at Beech House before Caitlin blew the whistle – and it was game on.

The room erupted with cries of ‘foul’ and ‘off side’ although how anyone could be sure was beyond me and anyway, nobody minds if the pitch gets tipped a little, do they?

The final score? Beech House Bakers won by a whisker. I have a feeling that the Super Sewter Dudes may call for a rematch.

‘It's been such a lovely afternoon, the children were so well behaved, I was very impressed.’
‘It's been great fun, it was fabulous.’