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Getting ready for the match

We’re three weeks into the Extra Time opening season and already we’ve got team names, players and pitches.

The Britten Court Angels football team boasts a range of formidable characters, amongst them ‘Speedy’ Stan, who enjoys people watching and bringing out the best in them and ‘Spitfire’ Allen, who lists telling jokes and riding motorbikes as his key skills.

Together with Elfryn, who’ll definitely be a ‘pitch player’, ‘Regal’ Rodders and ‘Mini’ Flash Harry, they’ve got their nicknames, their players and feel match fit for meeting the children next week.

Over at the school, the children made a football game to play with the residents when they meet, whilst they discussed what they were looking forward to and how they thought they ought to behave.

Kian summed it up beautifully, saying that they should all… ‘Be kind and respectful and keep nice and calm.’

‘My grandfather did the Pools regularly, I remember papers spread everywhere and nobody could speak. Once he won £4,000.’
‘I am looking forward to the visit [to meet the residents at Britten Court] and starting conversations with them.’
‘My favourite bit was choosing the expressions for the fans.’