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The session at Britten Court this week was all about trophies – finding them, winning them … and making them.

Stan once dug up a tiny gold trophy in a builder’s yard, Elfryn won a cup for snooker and Jim was a successful lightweight boxer.

As a school girl, Caitlin won a trophy for ‘not being very good at sports’ – which may explain why she’s an artist now, and not a long distance runner.

And, as an artist, she had the answer for the general absence of medals – by making them.

The group spent a happy morning fashioning large discs of clay and marking them, using the Extra Time graphics as inspiration for lines and circles to suggest elements of a football pitch.

The large discs were then cut into smaller circles, ready to be dried and decorated next week, when the children visit.

Over at Roman Hill, the children were still very excited by their trip to Suffolk Archives last week.

They were keen to finish off their worksheets and talk about the things that impressed them, from the ‘special computers’ (micro-film) to the dusty replicas of huge maps with ‘codes’ to mark specific locations, like ‘IS’ for Infant School.

Next week, they will take their worksheets – and excitement – round to Britten Court, to tell the residents all about Suffolk Archives and share some of the special things they discovered there.

‘Seeing everyone together and their enjoyment making the medals – it’s inspired us to get some clay for Britten Court for people to keep making.’
‘Being at the Archive has inspired me to start keeping a diary. They asked for diaries from Covid.’
‘It made me think of my family and if they have any history here.’
‘It made me think about all the houses in Lowestoft – my house used to be a field.’