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Let’s Get Creative in Stradbroke

The people of Stradbroke have been turning out in droves to support Suffolk Artlink’s Let’s Get Creative project! Expressing their talent in embroidery and the arts, the local community, led by Suffolk Artlink’s Charlie Meyer, as well as artists Shelly O’Brien and Felicity Brown, have been pitching in together to weave a wonderful tapestry representing their village, with depictions of local landmarks, nature, and much more. 

Every Sunday morning from 10am until 1pm, in the Stradbroke Library, inside the Post Office, the people of Stradbroke have been rallying around the Let’s Get Creative project, and a real sense of community spirit has been formed inside the sessions we have held. People of all ages have come along and each contributed in their own valuable way, whether that be embroidering for the tapestry, making cakes for attendees, or further adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, everybody is appreciated and has their place. Stradbroke Primary School has also got onboard with Let’s Get Creative, and their students have been so generous as to contribute 50 Suffolk Puffs to the project.

The Stradbroke Tapestry has become a brilliant opportunity for the local community to express themselves artistically, while also providing a wonderful insight into how the village views itself, with participants sharing many of their favourite aspects of Stradbroke. This includes the showcased piece depicting the All Saints’ Church in the heart of the village, as well as portrayals of the village sign, commonly referred to as ‘The Bishop’, the National Heritage listed Town House and Town Cottage, along with scenes of the trees, nature, and wildlife from the local area. 

Participants have also left their own, personal imprint on the project, with embroidered scenes of their treasured memories, while others have been paying tribute to a local hero! More will be revealed about this at a later date…

One of our leading artists, Shelly O’Brien, told us that “this is the most inspiring and talented group, everyone has brought so much to this project and I’m so impressed.” It has proven to be a tremendous social outlet for members of the community who have perhaps been isolated over recent times, giving a weekly social gathering and a chance to bond with other members of the community. It has been extremely rewarding to work with the people of Stradbroke for these past weeks, and we are so proud of what we have achieved together.

Sadly the project’s end date is upon us, but we will be holding a celebration event on a Sunday in April, or possibly 1st May, this is yet to be confirmed. This offers the rest of the village a chance to come and see what we have accomplished together, and will be held at Stradbroke Library, inside the post office, IP21 5HG. If you would like to attend this celebration, or if you have any further enquiries, please contact project leader Charlie Meyer at: 

Let’s Get Creative is a Suffolk Libraries Arts and Culture Programme, made possible by generous funding from Arts Council England.