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Look out, there is plenty of kindness about

Lowestoft Brave Art Wellbeing Creatives – LOOK OUT, THERE IS PLENTY OF KINDNESS ABOUT!

The focus for this term has been around increasing physical and mental wellbeing and what better way than to give a “Random Act of Kindness” to the Lowestoft community. Brave Art students worked for 2 sessions with artist Caroline George to create textile hearts that could be given as “Random acts of Kindness” to the people of Lowestoft. The hearts were designed with positive images and statements that would bring a smile to the Lowestoft community.

Students took a walk to the Eastpoint Pavilion to place some of the hearts in the children’s area and then placed hearts along the local seafront area. The hearts have a tag on which reads” I am not lost, I am waiting to be found. I hope this gift makes you smile ”

If found, we are asking people to send in their photos with a short email asking how it made them feel to receive an act of kindness.

Students loved giving something back to their community and the project has helped support their wellbeing through the act of kindness.

This activity was funded by the East Suffolk Boost Scheme. Our thanks to East Suffolk Council for their funding and support.

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‘Thank you for making my little boy and girl smile today with your kind gift. It is nice to see kind humanity is still out there !’