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Match Day

What an afternoon.

No sooner had the children arrived at Hildesley Court then they were swinging their arms and high-stepping in a series of warm-up activities, directed by resident High Flyer Ina.

A swift round of introductions followed, with both sides using their Player’s Cards to introduce themselves, before the focus turned to the work in hand – the Big Match.

First, there were spectators to show (glue) to their seats and players to be dressed up in their team kit; green and white hoops for the Hildesley High Flyers and red and white checks for the Pakefield Pitch Invaders.

A quick pause for refreshments, and then Wings-the-Ref blew her whistle and it was game on.

The room erupted, the noise was positively deafening as participants cheered on their teams, calling out against handball, offside and ‘diving’; everyone had a go and when a couple of the residents felt they had had enough, the children stepped in and played on their behalf.

Asked to sum up the session, all agreed that the afternoon had been ‘exciting, great fun, friendly and entertaining’.

I couldn’t agree more.

‘The football game was marvellous, absolutely marvellous.’
‘I was surprised that we didn’t win, I didn’t think they would score.’
‘The children brought us into the game, they didn’t just think of themselves, they really involved us in everything.’
‘I really enjoyed talking to the adults.’