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One World

Rhobert MagasiThis term we are continuing our exploration on the theme One World in particular music, arts and culture. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Muntu Valdo a successful musician from the Cameroon who introduced us to the mesmerising sounds and rhythms from his country. He led us on an insightful musical journey by playing a range of different instruments including the guitar, djembe drum, harmonica and karimba. Muntu also shared fascinating stories and legends from the native Sawa people of Cameroon, in particular the legendary Miengu (mermaids) who protect those who worship them.

We were joined by dance artist Rhobert Magasi, who joined ‘live’ from Malawi. We had previously worked with Rhobert on the project ‘Imagining a Better World’ funded by the British Council. The dynamic of the two artists interacting with our students was inspirational and great fun. We worked together on a collaborative piece incorporating rhythms and words produced by the Brave Art Team. The words the students used to describe the session; ‘Energetic’ ‘Friendship’ ‘Colourful’ ‘Happy’ ‘Wicked!’