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Picnic plate poetry and a trip to the Museum

This morning, Kate and Dean visited residents at Britten Court, where they shared the children’s souvenir plates.

The plates were decorated with images and text taken from their visit to the Suffolk Archives, and the residents were thrilled to hear about basking sharks, recipes for pickled herring – and a picture of a well-known Southwold grocer behind his ham slicer.

After which, the group created some picnic plate poetry – suggesting delicacies (whelks and pickled onions), necessities (a wind break and a mallet) and a few fantasies (beer delivered by a favourite football player) for a group picnic.

As Kate and Dean went off to Roman Hill, to explore another letter from the Trevor Westgate collection, Candida returned to Halesworth and to the Museum there, to greet residents from Beech House.

None of the residents or staff had ever visited the Museum before, and they all agreed that they’d had a lovely time. They thought the displays were very modern and they enjoyed reading the descriptions of the different exhibits. One resident commented that:

‘I thought the bell was amazing. I loved seeing the photos of how the town had changed and loved that it was all [about] local places. I loved seeing what the children had seen.’