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Poetry and typewriters

It being half term, Special Delivery did not visit Pakefield Primary school this week – but we did go to Hildesley Court, where we were greeted by a room full of residents (and guests) keen to take part in the session.

Having read out the children’s statements about achievements – and aspirations – at certain ages, Dean invited the adults to share particular memories they recalled.

This led to anecdotes about riding into lampposts, scrumping for apples, tapioca (frog spawn) pudding with a dollop of red jam, and an African Grey parrot that was very good at mimicking and calling for youngsters to get up in the morning.

Next week, the children visit the Suffolk Record Office at Lowestoft Library, and part of this week’s session was spent in coming up with a ‘quest’ for them to complete. The adults have set some pretty tricky tasks for the children; watch this space to see how they get on.