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Postcards about budgies and booklets about memories

Yesterday, I got to play postman, as I delivered postcards from residents at Broadlands to the children at Oulton Broad Primary School.

The postcards were written in response to the ones sent by the children last week, and it was so exciting for them to open up the envelopes and read them; the fact that they were addressed to each child individually made them very special, indeed.

Click on each postcard to enlarge it and read what the residents told the children.

The children then considered a letter written a long time ago – by Mrs Billie Moore – and used by Trevor Westgate in his regular column for the Lowestoft Journal back in the 1990’s.

Billie’s letter was full of first memories. Dean used these memories, plus a few additional prompts, to encourage the children to write their own ‘first memories’.

The resulting booklets were later delivered to Broadlands – and we look forward to receiving their responses next week.