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Singing and ringing off the line

This week, we were supposed to be all together at Britten Court to polish up the anthem, but unfortunately that couldn’t be; let’s hope we can visit next week, as it’s the last session this term.

Yes, it’s almost the end of the Britten Court Angels/Roman Hill Football Club season – and what a season we’ve had, from bell ringing Ethel to the wonderful Waves, by way of Stan’s warm-up exercises and Sylvia smashing the football chant.

All of which – and more – feature in the Extra Time anthem, as created by the children yesterday.

With Dean coaching the team on the lines and Jen introducing a few playing tactics – including meditation chimes – the children put in an amazing performance.

Hopefully, everyone will be match fit for next week’s session and we’ll be able to have a re-play of all our favourite Extra Time moments.

‘I enjoyed the chorus and doing the moves, my favourite move was ‘smash it, whack it’.’
‘I really loved singing the chorus all together.’
‘I really enjoyed reading the poem with Dean today.’