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Special Delivery at the Edgar Sewter Primary School

We’re on our way. This afternoon, we held an introductory session at the Edgar Sewter primary school and got to meet the children who will be taking part in Special Delivery this term.

From Ava with the nameless shrimps (there’s no point, as you can’t tell them apart) to Olivia who prefers cats because they stay out longer than dogs, it’s a fantastic group and I can’t wait to introduce them to the artists next week.

Meanwhile, we established that, whilst most of them knew about the Halesworth and District Museum, only one had visited, although almost all had visited a museum at some time, including ones in London, Gt Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Spain.

When asked what they expected to find at the Museum, their answers ranged from ‘ancient stuff’ to fossils and old newspapers; when asked if the term ‘local heritage’ meant anything to them, the response was fairly universal, with eight out of nine of them acknowledging that they didn’t know ‘what she is talking about’.

We will spend the next 10 weeks exploring a little of their local heritage together with residents at Beech House, using the Lincolne Letters as our starting point; as one of the pupils wrote in her beautifully constructed acrostic poem: –

‘Your history will become our story.’