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Special Delivery Parcel Post

This week’s session produced two very Special Delivery parcels, with poet Dean Parkin giving some hints and tips on what to pack.

First, each group had to think of a ‘sensible’ present. Shoe polish, a stamp collection magazine and an orange for extra vitamin C were just a few suggestions from the adults.

Next, they had to add something colourful. The children thought rainbows, fireworks and flowers would fit the bill.

The third item into the parcel was something ‘impossible to send’. Snow, the Orwell Bridge and a bucket of muddy water all featured, as well as the moon, light – and a zoo.

Finally, the participants were invited to add something magical. Oh, what a parade of unicorns, rainbows, and fairies, not to mention hag stones, mermaids – and a remote control – presented itself.

After that, it was just a question of selecting our preferred method of delivery.

And so it was that we sent a unicorn in a puff of smoke and a moody mermaid care of a magical moonbeam; signed, sealed and Specially Delivered in these Parcel Poems.

Parcel Poem
From: Residents at Hildesley Court
To: Pakefield Primary School pupils

A wand full of wishes sent by fairy post,
A fairy in a suitcase,
A cinema ticket by elf post.
A bucket of muddy water
(Sachet of dirt, add water,
Get your own bucket),
A box of chocolates,
Stick ‘em in a plastic bag,
Not too heavy, sent by a pigeon.
A musical box,
Delivered by a pianist,
A miniature torch
Delivered by the Duracell bunny.
A pot of gold, sent reluctantly,
In a box with a gold ribbon
And no bottom in the box,
So I’d still have my pot of gold.

Parcel Poem
From: Pakefield Primary School pupils
To: Residents at Hildesley Court

A typewriter sent through time travel,
Shrek in bubble wrap,
Sitting on a red dragon.
A unicorn in a puff of smoke,
Neil Armstrong sent through unicorn TV,
Loads of care bears,
Skipping over the rainbow
Behind the water tower.
Meadow’s moody mermaid,
Sent on a magical moonbeam.
A dragon’s pancreas parcel
inside a putrid potato.
Dean’s Missing Shoes
Sent by teleportation.
A black hole, squished into
A massive box and
Tied with a red spotted bow.