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Suffolk Artlink Christmas Pop-Up Shop

Thanks to our talented Brave Art artists we have a new series of delightful Christmas cards and artwork for sale on our pop-up Christmas shop

Our thanks to the wonderful artists Jade Starling, Jenny Gardiner, Josh Dear, Martin Standen, Patrick Parker, Ruth Williams and Steven Frost for donating their artwork.

A pack of 7 cards, featuring the 7 designs, costs £5, plus P&P. Last year our Christmas card sales raised over £300 and this year we hope we can raise even more.

Whilst each part of our fundraising may seem insignificant, collectively it is crucial to our charity’s work. For example, the Friends of Suffolk Artlink, of whom you are one, have together donated £4,000 in the last year through regular giving.
If you would like to support our work with a donation please visit