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Taking Tea at Britten Court

Our last week together – and the first time the children get to visit the residents at Britten Court.

They could not have been more welcoming, and we enjoyed a series of jokes from Martin, a lovely description from Stan about his pet dove who used to follow him when he went to the shops and a rather lively exchange about different football clubs.

Over tea, the group discussed topics ranging from favourite colours and vegetables to stand out moments in history.

Stephen (from Roman Hill) picked the Battle of Thermopylae, as he was impressed by the bravery of the Spartans, which led Marie (from Britten Court) to talk about WWII and the enormous tanks that filled the roads in her town, leaving little space for pedestrians to get by.

“They were so big,” she said, “they knocked the corners off all the buildings. When the war finished, it wasn’t just bomb damage that needed mending but all the broken corners of our houses.