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The importance of local heritage – and making friends

“My local heritage seems much more important than I ever thought. Loads of things have changed and it’s been super exciting to find out all [about] the things.”

So wrote Florence, in today’s final Special Delivery session.

It’s been a joy working with the pupils at Pakefield Primary School and it’s particularly delightful that they have got so much out of the project.

From poems and collages to postcards, drawings and emojis, the children have explored different ways of communicating with the residents at Hildesley – and learnt a lot about their local heritage in the process.

Meanwhile, over at Hildesley, the residents were delighted to receive the Christmas cards the children made last week, and were particularly impressed and pleased by the personal messages inside them.

Both groups got to see the film we’ve been making during the project and reflect on what they have achieved over the past 10 weeks. It’s fair to say that they were delighted and surprised – and also very moved.

We’ll be back in Lowestoft next term, making a Special Delivery to not one, but two schools and residential care homes, but for now may we wish you all a very merry Christmas and invite you to watch the joys of making friends with people you have never met.