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Trophy Tuesday

Cake, kiwi and cups were the order of the day, as we celebrated our final game with the Hildesley High Flyers and the Pakefield Pitch Invaders.

Throwing balls of wool at one another resulted in a glorious net, a veritable creel of words to describe Extra Time, and a lot of laughs … not to mention one or two tangles.

Once we’d untied Dean, he led both sides in a rendition of their Anthem, created by our goalie-poet to highlight individual player’s skills and attitudes to the game. Listen to his impeccable delivery and the roar of audience participation, in the YouTube video above.

Then it was a game of two halves or possibly three thirds, as the teams played an end-of-season match of table top football; the score line was confused, the tendency to tip the pitch was widespread and the referees were often drowned out by the players’ calls for off-side, own-goal and various other ‘infringements’.

After a well-deserved half-time tea of cake and fruit, the players settled down to their final assignment – creating a personalised trophy. It was a last opportunity to chat and enjoy each other’s company, and resulted in some lovely ‘trophy’ cards.

There were trophies for players who had helped other players to take part, family members recovering from cracked ribs and even for ‘Not Having Fruit’.

Next season, Extra Time will be playing in Halesworth but for now we’d like to say a huge thank you to all our magnificent players, the artists and staff and everyone for making it such a happy, creative time.

‘[This Trophy card] is a memory of 12 weeks of fun, many of which have been spent with the charming pupils from Pakefield Primary School.’
‘I really enjoyed Extra Time. My favourite part was Dean’s amazing poetry – I loved it. I did not know I would have so much fun.’
‘This is to thank Elliot, for being with me and helping me do things.’
‘It's been brilliant and I've loved every minute of it.’