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Suffolk Artlink’s Brave Artists and Staff Gain Inspiration at Asylum Studios

Suffolk Artlink’s talented Brave artists and their dedicated staff team, supported by Co-Director and fine artist, Hayley Field, have embarked on an exciting journey of artistic exploration and development. In a bid to expand their creative horizons, the team has been venturing far and wide, visiting other organisations, projects, and spaces that promise to enrich their artistic experiences.

Their most recent adventure took them to Asylum Studios, where artist Emma Withers extended a warm invitation during the October half term. As they stepped into the thriving artist studios, an electric atmosphere of creativity and experimentation greeted them, leaving a lasting impression of opportunity and excitement.

Founded in 1999, Asylum Studios operates as a cooperative, providing approximately 20 painters, musicians, printmakers, and filmmakers, with affordable studio and workshop space. The studio’s vibrant community regularly organises exhibitions, hosts artist residency programs, and supports live music events, workshops, engaging talks, and film screenings.

Brave Artists and staff were captivated by the studio’s charm, the artistic camaraderie, witnessing professional artists in action, and the tantalising potential for advancing their own artistic practices through studio work.

Reflecting on their experience, students enthusiastically shared their sentiments:

“Awesome, new experience.”  “Razzle, Dazzle and Vibrant.”

“Coming together, a sense of community and positivity.”

“Inspiring… I can do big art… I don’t need to worry too much about mess… more space…and other people (artists) around.”

Suffolk Artlink’s foray into Asylum Studios has undoubtedly injected fresh inspiration and energy into their artistic pursuits, solidifying their commitment to artistic growth and collaboration. The journey continues as they explore new realms of creative possibilities.

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