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What do fish play on the piano?


We have Martin to thank for that riddle, along with several others that he sent to the group at Roman Hill, in response to the postcards they sent last week.

It was lovely to share back the postcards from all the residents at Britten Court taking part in Special Delivery; from questions about fishing, favourite animals, things they like to collect and what they would feed to a rabbit, the adults asked a host of questions of the children.

Working with artist Kate Munro, the children started the session by sharing the postcards, after which they were given copies of a letter sent to Trevor Westgate at the Lowestoft Journal by Albert, an ex-pupil of Roman Hill School.

Albert left the school in 1920, aged 14 years, to become an apprentice at the Eastern Coach works. The children were fascinated by the style of writing, which was more like printing than hand writing.

They then set about answering the residents’ questions, using mini printing blocks and attaching their messages to a small flock of pigeons, to ‘fly’ their answers over to the adults at Britten Court.