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Wild About Kirkley at First Light

Over the First Light Festival weekend, artists Kasia Posen and Carrie Phoenix, who together comprise the art collective The Third Person, engaged families and members of the public in a series of captivating workshops as part of Suffolk Artlink’s Wild About Kirkley project. Alongside Professor Brian Reid, a soil scientist from the University of East Anglia, The Third Person shared knowledge of the fascinating world and tiny creatures that lie just beneath our feet, as well as how to look after your own soil. 

As part of Wild About Kirkley’s offer to the audience at First Light, participants were encouraged to use natural plant-based inks to draw both real and imaginary creatures that they could envision finding in their soil. Then the group explored the shapes, colours and characteristics of some of the microscopic creatures that one might discover in the soil beneath them.

Throughout the workshops, Professor Brian Reid shared his vast subject knowledge with the audience, as well as analysing soil samples taken from our community garden site in Kirkley, as well as five other sites in Lowestoft. Each site was carefully chosen for their distinct and differing soil qualities, from sandy soils to rich loam, typically found close to the waterways which run through Kirkley.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend this time at First Light with all those who attended, and we would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to Professor Brian Reid, who added so much to our workshop. We hope those who joined us for our soil workshops gained a valuable insight into the microscopic world underneath them! 

Did you draw a picture with us? Your artwork will be up on display at The Kirkley Pantry towards the end of July. Come and visit during The Kirkley Pantry Cafe’s open hours on Mondays are between 3:30pm – 7pm, or Wednesdays from 10:30am – 1pm. We can be found at Kirkley Church Hall, St. Peter’s Road, NR33 0LJ. 

To find out more about our project, visit for an expansive timetable of our free events! We encourage you to come along and join us, and to get creative in the outdoors!