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Imagineering Journey

As part of our Curious Minds mental health wellbeing project, Ipswich Transport Museum hosted an artists’ residency, in which Michelle Brace (digital and media artist) and Sarah Lewis (movement artist) explored the exhibits – all incredible creations and feats of engineering of their time – and some of the stories behind them.

The artists were particularly drawn to the sensory experience of being at the Museum; as they delved deeper into the shapes, forms, sounds and materials around them, connecting to the moods and memories they evoked, Michelle and Sarah thought about how they might use the raw materials to inspire participants to imagine their own incredible vehicles.

If you can get to Ipswich Transport Museum, you can experience the exhibits for yourself, from your own artist perspective.

In the meantime, to give you a taste, here’s a collection of sounds and images gathered at the Museum to get you started with the creative activity below.

Explore the flipbook images using alt text in this Imagineering Journey PDF ot this Imagineering Journey Word Document

If you’ve enjoyed this DIY activity and would like to make a donation to Suffolk Artlink please visit our CAF Donate page here!/DonationDetails. Every penny will help.


We invite you to take part in this experiential, immersive audio journey. It will take you on a journey of imagining your own incredible vehicle designed just for you.

We recommend listening on earphones or headphones to get a fully immersive experience, but speakers work too. You can stop the audio at any time. You can close your eyes and let your imagination wander, but you are also welcome to write, doodle or express your ideas or record your thoughts as the audio unfolds. If you find the captions helpful then we recommend watching it in full screen mode.

Continuing your imagineering journey

If you enjoyed this creative exercise you can keep on thinking and creating. Here are a few suggestions:

● Does your vehicle have a name?
● Does your vehicle surprise you in any way?
● What stood out for you?
● Did you have any ideas that you loved? That you’d like to capture / make a note of?
● If you replay this audio does your idea develop or change?

You might like to record your thoughts in the form of drawings or writing, collage or voice notes. You could try moving in a way that you imagined being able to move with your vehicle or have a go at creating your vehicle with objects around your home.

If you like you can use the sheet provided to add your notes or drawings.


You can keep your vehicle for yourself or you might like to share it:

● Share your vehicle with Suffolk Artlink
● Share via social media tagging us and using the hashtag #curiousminds
● Start a conversation with your friends and family by asking them about their incredible vehicle
● Share the link to this exercise with someone who you think would enjoy it

You will need

● You might like to have a glass of water or cup of tea nearby.
● A notebook or this printable download of a window frame to record your journey as well as materials you like to work with (a pen or pencil, colouring pens or pencils, paints, paper for collage and glue)
● Or simply come as you are with your curiosity and imagination

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Curious Minds is a mental health wellbeing project, delivered in partnership with Suffolk Libraries, the Food Museum and the Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance.

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