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Celebrating the Extra Time Champions

The teams came together for one final match and to celebrate everything they have achieved and enjoyed during this Extra Time season.

With Caitlin and Dean on hand to referee, the children performed the Extra Time Anthem, with linesmen Rachel and Jo lending a hand, holding up the verses.

They completed their medals and wore them with pride, whilst chatting about some of their personal highlights; the children said how much they had learned about ‘old’ football and that they loved meeting the residents, whilst the Angels were well impressed with how the children behaved and thought they were ‘a credit to their school’.

Then, it was time for tea, and what a tea it was – the chefs really excelled themselves. There were Cup cakes the size of puddings, each topped with an icing Christmas tree, orange Christingle ‘Trophies’, studded with sweets and, of course, the famous fruit platter.

It’s been a wonderful season – everyone has worked so hard to make it an absolute pleasure and joy; you are all absolute champions.




‘I really enjoyed the trip to the Archives.’
‘We have learnt more about football and we all did great exercises together.’
‘I have definitely got better at history and I now know lots about Lowestoft Football Club.’
‘I have learned about old football players, like Kirkley FC and a lot about drawing.’