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In it for the glory? You bet your boots

When Dean visited the Hildesley High Flyers yesterday, they were quick to share their Extra Time Players’ Cards with him and chat about the origins of their nicknames.

They were just as nifty in coming up with a nickname for him and so it was that ‘lean, mean Dean, the diving machine’ was born – and he promptly went on to demonstrate just how mean he could be, when faced with a fantasy penalty shoot out.

Piecing together their ‘names’ and snippets of what we’d discussed, our goalie poet created their poem; it’s a wonderful mixture of humour, imagination and insight into the individual residents and is a very lovely thing.

Then it was over to the Pakefield Pitch Invaders, where a similar activity produced a poem full of alliteration, assonance and word play … ‘never Lego of the ball’, (beep, beep).

Next week, we all get together again with Dean for a poetry slam an-them. With the Hildesley High Flyers on top form and the Pakefield Pitch Invaders playing a fast and furious game, who knows what the result will be?



‘I had such a lovely time visiting the residents at Hildesley Court last week, I can't wait to go back again.’