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Poetry Slam An-Them

Last week, the teams made their own individual poems, with each player identifying a particular skill or attribute, such as ‘No-Whistle Trish’ and ‘Invincible Isabella’.

This week, the challenge was to perform the two poems together and then create a whole new one, by adding members of the Archive All-Stars to the mix.

The teams paired up and chatted about the individual All-Stars, musing over what skills they might bring to our ‘fantasy’ football team.

Suggestions ranged from moonlighting as a waitress – because the player was gripping the cup so steadily – to the Co-op ladies team serving vanilla ice cream during half time and the Bally Boys packing extra boots.

Prompted by the images and details on the Archive All-Stars cards, our players also shared stories about Lowestoft. For example, Shine on Shona learned that, during the war, the local primary school was used as accommodation for sailors, so the children couldn’t go to school for two years.

Peggy talked about the shoes and handbags that used to be made at the Bally factory in Raglan Street. ‘They weren’t just ordinary shoes, either,’ she said. ‘They were beautiful, special shoes.’

And the children also learned – as the residents hoped they might – that you’re never too old to have fun and that everyone enjoys a good chat and playing games – even if they do cheat a little bit, sometimes.

‘I was surprised that the group [of residents] were really kind and good fun. I know some of them cheated at the football game - but it's not the end of world.’