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Prof Nate Holder visits Little Beats

Little Beats, early years music in Lowestoft

We were lucky enough to have the amazing Nate Holder  join us on our Little Beats program last week (4 December 2023).

Nate is an award-winning author, international speaker, musician and education consultant who advocates for inclusion and diversity in music education.

We started the afternoon off at Red Oak Primary School where Nate delivered a fun workshop for the nursery and reception children and staff.

“The children loved it. They will take this home and tell their parents. So interactive and age appropriate. It was fun and they learnt so much as well. It is easier when it is something they love, like music. Great to have the different books too.” Teacher, Red Oak Primary.

Nate read two of his books to the class at Red Oak, including Where are all the instruments? West Africa, which has been shortlisted as an ‘Outstanding Music Education Print Resource’, by Music and Drama Awards, and Where are all the Instruments? European Orchestra. 

From Nate’s readings we all learnt a lot about different instruments such as koras and djembes and the places that they come from in the World. The children also got to express themselves dancing around the classroom to some well-chosen music.

Later in the day, Nate delivered an inspiring CPD session at the Seagull Theatre for our Early Years Music Network. Nate presented his work and research around inclusion, diversity and music education for facilitators working with young children and families in Lowestoft.

Here are a few things some of our EY Network participants took away:

” Real deep thought about representing different cultures in school settings.”

” A better idea of how to be person centred and be mindful of the systemic issues of

“Music carries messages.”

For Nate’s books visit

We also hooked up with local children’s author Kayleen Shani. After moving to the UK, Kayleen decided to start writing children’s books. In her book Sungura the Runaway Rabbit, Kayleen incorporates the Swahili language to introduce the reader to a new language and culture.

Order Kayleen’s books via her website

Little Beats is delivered in partnership with Magic Acorns, Suffolk Libraries, Britten Pears and Lowestoft Rising LCEP and is made possible thanks to generous funding and support from Youth Music using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.