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Explore Kirkley Sensory Forage Walk

This route was created in collaboration with Suffolk Artlink’s Wild About Kirkley participants. Designed with wheelchair users and sensory needs in mind, it has been devised to offer a new experience of green space in Kirkley. We hope you enjoy exploring Kirkley’s unique plants and wildlife.

Wild About Kirkley participants, artist collective The Third Person and forager Jon Tyler spent time getting to know Kirkley through a series of creative sessions with local residents Together they have created walking routes, activities and ideas for you to enjoy.

This publication is not intended to be a guide to the identification of wild plants, edible or otherwise. It is in no way a substitute for expert knowledge or dedicated field guides.

A very special thank you to Juan Felipe Reyes Contreras and Kim and Bryony Mason for helping to design this route.


You can also follow the map above

Starting at the Kirkley Cemetery entrance on London Road South, head North West up the central tarmac path (this is path 1 on the map).

On arriving at the circular path before the two church buildings, take the left-hand side path to head to the green burial area.

Turn left into the green burial area. There is a little lip down onto the grass at the end of the tarmac path. There is a bench located directly in front – this is a good spot to take a rest in a quiet spot. Perhaps you would like to do our suggested ‘Green Activity’ here.

From the burial area bench, you can either:

• Continue walking round the circular path and take the 3rd exit between the two church buildings to continue walking down the central path (path 3 on the map). At the
intersection of paths after the circular pathway, take the left hand side path to the tall pines (path 4 on the map).


• From the green burial area, turn right and follow the grass path along and down the slight slope and the burial area (path 2 on the map). There is a slight slope up as you follow the path back round to where the bench is situated.

From here you can take the grass path on the left before the small church, down between the tall pines. Stop where the path intercepts under the pines (Path 4 on the map).

The area beneath the pines is a good spot to take a rest before rejoining the central tarmac path and making your way back to the cemetery entrance.

You will need

Ability to get to Kirkley Cemetery

Download activity guide

Download your own copy of the map here.

If you’ve enjoyed this DIY activity and would like to make a donation to Suffolk Artlink please visit our CAF Donate page here!/DonationDetails. Every penny will help.

Download pdf (970.37 KB)

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