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Greetings From Lowestoft Postcard

Greetings From Lowestoft is a celebration of our seaside town.

We’re inviting you to make your own postcard of everything you love about Lowestoft – be as creative as you like! This Activity Guide gives you some ideas of how to go about it.


Picture Lowestoft

Think about Lowestoft and what comes to mind? It might be the:

  • Sunrise over the sea
  • Sandy beaches and the Pier
  • Shops, cafes and theatres
  • Beach huts, ice creams and seagulls

As well as thinking in pictures, think about other ways you experience Lowestoft, for example

  • Sights and sounds
  • Smells and colours
  • The way it makes you feel

Piecing it together

Create a mood board of your ideas to help get started with the postcard design.

Rummage through your stash of recycled papers and pick out pieces that appeal and inspire you.

Don’t glue them yet. First, spread them out on a piece of paper or table top and arrange them in pleasing patterns or colour combinations, so you begin to get a feel of how you want your postcard to look.

Colour your background

The first layer of your postcard will be the background.

Gather together colours that work with your chosen palette. This might include scrap papers, pencils or pens. Add these to your postcard background.

Create your image

Build up your background, using your chosen colour palette and adding texture, pattern and detail to your card. Think about what you want your card to represent and use your mood board for inspiration.


You will need

  • Postcard-sized card
  • Glue stick
  • Paper such as junk mail, wrapping paper, leaflets or magazines
  • Pencils and pens
  • Scissors (although ripped paper works really well for collage)
  • Embellishments such as gems and small cut outs (optional)

Download activity guide

Download PDF of Activity Guide (made as part of Greetings from Lowestoft 2023 Postcard Competition)

If you’ve enjoyed this DIY activity and would like to make a donation to Suffolk Artlink please visit our CAF Donate page here!/DonationDetails. Every penny will help.

Download pdf (13.46 MB)

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