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‘Animals and their Habitats’ Exhibition

July saw the end of our ten-week Brave Art course ‘Animals and their Habitats’ based at Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich.  This was a new venue for us, and one that everyone found very exciting and inspiring.

Over the weeks students explored the exhibits, paintings and the beautiful Christchurch Park. We worked with artists Claudia Boese and Emma Withers to experiment with new materials, using charcoals, pastels, watercolour pencils and sketching.  Displays of beetles, birds and butterflies from the museum archives were the inspiration for some beautiful drawings, as well as the stuffed animals in the main gallery, and the ancient trees in the parkland around the mansion.  Andrea-Alice Ewing joined us for sessions using clay to create some of the animals from the exhibition including owls, mice, badgers and horses.

The wonderful models, sketches, drawings and paintings can be seen in our exhibition from Wednesday 13th September at the Mansion. Students and their friends and families will gather on the morning of the 13th from 10.30 – 12.30 in the ceramics room. Everyone is welcome to join us to celebrate and see the work that was created.