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Brave Artists visit to ‘Mutiny in Colour’ at Moyes Hall

Brave Artists visited the modern art exhibition ‘Mutiny in Colour’ at Moyes Hall in Bury St Edmunds.  Tracey Emin, Banksy, Grayson Perry and Damien Hirst were among many of the artists featured.  Inspired by the visit, Brave Artists made their own creative responses to some of the art.

The exhibition stimulated the students to try new techniques and feel empowered to move out of their comfort zone.  Wendy has been attending Brave Art for several years and uses creativity to enhance her wellbeing.  A prominent sketcher Wendy is inspired by nature and often creates work that reflects this, on a small scale.  After seeing the work by Banksy and Pure Evil at the museum Wendy felt inspired to upscale her art, working on the floor using charcoal to creating large scale free flowing images,

“I just wanted to feel a bit freer and not worry so much about the detail.” Wendy.

Brave Artists Jade and Andreas were both drawn to a Damien Hirst painting and decided to collaborate to create a shared piece of art.

“I really enjoyed working with someone else because they could give me ideas on how to do things differently and I could share my ideas.  Together we created a butterfly in the style of the artist that we were both really pleased with.” Jade.

The Exhibition visit gave Brave Artists access to a diverse and colourful range of art and inspired not just art, but many conversations about the content and message of the pieces, the techniques used and purpose of art in telling a story and documenting society in a vibrant and powerful way.