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Erik James Mack, Artist

Erik uses a combination of black and coloured pens to draw bold lines to create images of people, which have been inspired from films, television, and family. His portrayals are full of character and expression. He likes to play with humour in many of his drawings.

Erik’s work has featured in many exhibitions and more recently on Suffolk Artlink tote bag available for sale on our website.

Suffolk Artlink’s Brave Art team has been impressed to see Erik develop his creative skills producing work in his distinctive style.

Erik is a valued student and member of our Brave Art team. Last term Erik ran a masterclass in drawing zombies for students in Lowestoft. He is a confident and professional tutor. The other students loved participating in the session and learning more about his style of work.

When did you first start drawing?

I started drawing with my mum because she enjoyed it too.  I used to copy her pictures.  It was nice.

What made to want to keep drawing?

It’s fun and relaxing as well.

Where do you get your inspiration for your pictures?

I like drawing family, and from Harry Potter and his family especially his mum and dad – Lilly and James.  Family means a lot to me.  I like drawing zombies too and like watching horror and zombie films – and the Addams family.    Roald Dahl is good at drawing and I like his films – The Witches is really good.

What art materials do you like using?

I like using pencils and good black pens and colouring pens.  I have my own and like using them.

Can you explain the process you use drawing your pictures of people?

I start with a pencil drawing – then outline in black pen then fill in with colour.  I love filling the spaces up with colour, I like the way the pencil shows through underneath.  I draw lots of lines on the faces – I like drawing wrinkles – Zombies have a lot of wrinkles!  Sometimes I do a self- portrait of myself as a zombie.

Do you like to see your pictures displayed?

Yes!  I have them up at my home – I keep all my pictures, I like to write my name on the back of them so I know where they belong.  I like to see them at exhibitions and I like to sell them.

What are you working on at the moment?

I like drawing pictures for the Coronation.