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Category: Artists’ stories

Clown Doctor Dr Kit Kat AKA actor, Katrina Beckford, wearing a red nose and smiling. Artists' stories

Dr Kit Kat is known for being purrfectly sweet and gentle. She can be quite easily spotted as she has adorable, fluffy, purple ears, a red nose and a smile like a Cheshire cat.

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a group shot of workshop participants looking to the camera Artists' stories

Suffolk Artlink’s Clown Round team recently participated in a Hocus Pocus Theatre hosted professional development residency ‘Clown Through Mask’ led by world-renowned clown teacher Sue Morrison visiting from Canada.

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Artist, Erik James Mack, leading a masterclass Artists' stories

Erik uses a combination of black and coloured pens to draw bold lines to create images of people, which have been inspired from films, television, and family. His portrayals are full of character and expression. He likes to play with humour in many of his drawings.

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Dr. Dot-to-Dots, Clown Doctor, wearing a hat of colourful pompoms and pencils, and a toy stethoscope around her neck. Artists' stories

Suffolk Artlink welcomes Dr. Dot-to-Dots to the Clown Doctor team. Her special skills include doing dot-to-dots and singing but only if it’s a full moon.

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Dr Plop, Clown Doctor Hatty Ashton Artists' stories

Dr Plop, an expert in the field of faux flatulence, enjoys long rides on tiny bicycles, hiding in plain sight and a good ol’ beak wag with their numerous chickens. Dr Plop’s alter ego, Hatty Ashton, is an actor, children’s author, and co-founder of Bring Out Your Dead Productions.

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Clown Doctors working on a hospital ward Artists' stories

The Clown Round team is expanding and the additional project funding will support a new training programme for the artists and additional sessions.

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