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Presenting Dr Kit Kat (Giggleologist)

Dr Kit Kat is known for being purrfectly sweet and gentle. She can be quite easily spotted as she has adorable, fluffy, purple ears, a red nose and a smile like a Cheshire cat. Sometimes she is heard by her distinctive chocolatey, smooth voice singing songs that bring a smile to the face and a warm, furry feeling inside.  Occasionally she paws along with her Ukulele if her paws have been suitably clipped off course. She pads around the ward often accompanied by her playmate Choca Mocha Monkey, who is mischievously known for sniffing out anything sweet; particularly of the chocolate variety. So if they stop by to pay you a visit keep these treats out of sight, as Dr Kit Kat can’t guarantee to keep him under control. One thing she can guarantee though is that you’ll have lots of fun and hopefully lots of giggles too – after all that is Dr Kit Kat’s mission if you choose to accept it!

Katrina Beckford  – Actor

Katrina is a Suffolk born performer who started her initial journey into acting by being part of the Seagull Theatre drama group. During her twelve years there she performed in numerous productions before going on to train professionally at Rose Bruford College (1996-1999).

Her professionally career has been broad and varied. Theatre roles have included: Crossroads Blues – Eastern Angles, Threepenny Opera – Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, Amen Corner – The National Theatre and her one woman show, God Bless The Child – An Evening with Billie Holiday which successfully toured the country twice to venues such as Ronnie Scotts Upstairs, Stratford Circus, The Wolsey Theatre, The Dukes Lancaster and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has also made TV appearances in Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

Additionally, she has always enjoyed working with children and has done so on many occasions in shows, in workshops and more recently as a Nursery Officer at a Montessori Nursery. Being a Clown Doctor has proven to have been a wonderful and privileged way to combine two of her long held passions.

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