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Presenting Dr. Dot-to-Dots

Don’t be misled by her fumbling about – she is almost as professional as the next clown doctor. She was born in a hospital, actually, and has therefore seen every trick in the book. Her special skills include doing dot-to-dots and singing but only if it’s a full moon.

She studied at (F)art School, achieving a Diploma in the (F)arts, then a BA in Fine (F)art and an MA in Visual (F)arts. Dr. Dot-to-Dots is very, very (f)arty.

She loves pom-poms and false teeth, but most of all Dot-to-dotting. Another hobby is buffing stuff and she is hyper aware of all the people who don’t shine but should.

Dot Howard 

Dot “fell into clowning” in 2002 while studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London. She has explored a range of techniques from world class performers such as Peta Lily and Holly Stoppit and has clowned with Hocus Pocus Theatre Company.

In addition to healthcare clowning, Dot co-runs Eyebrow Arts in Norwich: taking participatory arts into care settings. She is an Associate Artist at the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts and is one half of live art duo Odd Comic.

Dot witnessed the power of Clown Round while in hospital with her poorly daughter in 2021 and is delighted to be a part of the team.