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Suffolk Artlink welcomes Dr Plop to the Clown Doctor Team

Dr Plop, an expert in the field of faux flatulence, enjoys long rides on tiny bicycles, hiding in plain sight and a good ol’ beak wag with their numerous chickens. An animal lover, Dr Plop can be spotted taking assistance in the wards from Crocko the dancing crocodile and Lobbo, the squeaky lobster. Plop comes from a real-life medical family and is thrilled to now be able to stomp into rooms and proclaim “Don’t worry…I’m a clown Dr.” *honk honk*.

Dr Plop’s alter ego, Hatty Ashton, is an actor, children’s author, and co-founder of Bring Out Your Dead Productions. Since training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Hatty has indulged in all things comedy, studying clown and bouffon with Phillipe Gaulier and peeking into the realms of dark clown with Peta Lily. She feels her natural funny bones come from her struggles with dyslexia as a child and she revels in helping others turn their weaknesses into strength through the exploration of theatre and clown.

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