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Current Projects

An old monotone photograph of three women stand side by side, they are dressed in vertically striped long sleeved shirts, light coloured shorts and wearing bonnet-like caps on their heads.

With a flourish of mascots, rattles and scarves, Extra Time brings on our intergenerational teams to share their personal experiences of the beautiful game.

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Three early years practitioners and musicians reflect on the session they have just provided in Lowestoft Library.

Improving wellbeing, child development and musical engagement amongst pre-school children in partnership with Magic Acorns, Suffolk Libraries, Lowestoft Rising and Britten Pears Arts.

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Support Us for a Better World

Our weekly arts training course for adults with learning disabilities.

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Cartoon profile of a head with the top cut away and a rainbow with an arc of question marks coming out of it.

Explore the collections brought to you by the Food Museum through stories with photography, illustration and mixed media.

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Summer rolls

Offering family carers, and adults living rurally, relaxed and enjoyable creative get-togethers exploring food, culture and nature.

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