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Special Delivery

Uniting different generations in a creative exploration of the art of communication


Inspired by letters and other documents held in the Suffolk Archives and county museums, and guided by a team of artists including theatre-makers, creative writers, visual and digital artists, Special Delivery brings different generations together to explore the art of communication.

Working in primary schools and residential care homes in three distinct locations – Bury St Edmunds, Lowestoft and Halesworth – Special Delivery takes the participants on a journey from personal postcards to collective collages, connecting the two groups as they investigate historical approaches to letter- writing and share significant correspondence of their own.

Special Delivery will create a legacy of resources, including digital interpretation for use by Suffolk Archives, county museums and schools.

‘My local heritage seems much more important than I ever thought. Loads of things have changed and it's been super exciting to find out all [about] the things’

Special Delivery in Halesworth


Special Delivery at Suffolk Archives


Special Delivery in Pakefield


Jessie's Letter

What inspired this project?

This project has been inspired by documents held by Suffolk Archives, illustrating not only how lives have changed over the years, but how we communicate those changes – from hand-written letters and postcards delivered by teatime, to text messages and emojis. Through exploring these collections in creative ways, participants are able to share stories and build connections across the generations.

Project contact

Candida Wingate, Senior Project Development Officer
Suffolk Artlink
Units 13 & 14
Malt Store Annex
The Cut, 8 New Cut
IP19 8BY

Telephone 07857 002974

Project partners, funders and supporters

Special Delivery is delivered in partnership with Suffolk Archives. It has been made possible thanks to generous funding and support from National Lottery Heritage Fund, Lowestoft Rising, Suffolk Archives and the Association for Suffolk Museums.
National Lottery Heritage Fund
Association for Suffolk Museums