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Poetry and typewriters Blog posts

It being half term, Special Delivery did not visit Pakefield Primary school this week – but we did go to Hildesley Court, where we were greeted by a room full […]

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First jobs – and a wish for the future Blog posts

In Lowestoft, Special Delivery is based on a collection of letters sent to Trevor Westgate, a journalist on the local newspaper. Readers wrote in with their stories about the town […]

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Laminated likenesses Blog posts

Who would think we could go from this … … to this? or from this … to this …? Photographs of the participants were printed onto sheets of acetate and […]

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Greetings and Goodbyes Blog posts

This week, residents at Hildesley Court got to read the responses to the postcards they wrote last week to the Pakefield Primary school children. As Libby noted, it felt strange […]

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Special Delivery in Lowestoft Blog posts

It was lovely to be back at Hildesley Court and Pakefield Primary school last week, for the first session of Special Delivery in Lowestoft. Working with community poet, Dean Parkin, […]

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Next stop, Lowestoft. Blog posts

Special Delivery may have been a little quiet lately with lockdowns and restrictions playing havoc, but do not fear, the creative cogs are turning and exciting things are a foot. […]

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